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    Which are the 3 main criteria you use when deciding which bridging finance company to use? 1 for most important, 2 for next important and the 3 for third important. Select below:

    2. Please rate ​the Prevance service : 1 is worst and 5 is best.

    3. How do you feel about ​Prevance's rates.
    Very importantSometimes importantNot a factor

    4. Are you aware that Prevance offer short term business loans to businesses and to residential property developers?
    YesNoNot sure

    5. Have you recently viewed ​the Prevance web sites

    6. Have you recently viewed ​the Prevance web sites

    7. Please tell us where Prevance can improve on ​their service and product offerings?

    8. Do you believe that the Prevance credit criteria is : too strict or too lax or perfect?
    Too StrictToo LaxPerfect

    9. Do you think Prevance adds value in your professional practice?
    YesNoSometimesDon't Know

    10.Do you support more than 1 bridging finance companies?

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