As you are a provider of financial services, we would like to offer your firm the opportunity of joining our select panel of brokers and business referrers.

Besides the provision of traditional bridging finance for property transactions, Prevance also provides short-term, tailor-made loans to businesses where the loan can be secured by a first mortgage bond over a property.

We invite you to spend just a few short minutes on our website to show you the various short-term finance products we offer and the overall criteria necessary to approve a loan.

 As remuneration for introducing us to a client, we will pay you an agreed fee of the amount actually advanced to your client the first time a loan is granted.  

Earn a meaningful amount just for a successful referral.

 In order to join our panel, which does not cost anything, please complete the simple form below. We will then be able to keep in touch with you and inform you of any interesting articles which we may publish and any new products we may launch.

At any time we would like to welcome you to our offices in Killarney, Johannesburg so we can meet each other in person.

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